Regardless of the small or medium as well as the luxury residential projects, our professional would listen to your ideas and take all your requirements into account in order to develop all the possibilities to make the interior design customized and successful. Our design professional specializes in re-shaping the space arrangement, increasing storage space and tailor-made personalized furniture. We strive to provide customers with unique and comfortable living environment.
Environmental protection has become a social trend. Grande, as a forward-looking company has insisted on using high quality, durable and safe materials to cater different client’s company culture and daily business procedure. Our design professional will combine innovative and functional interior design concept in order to reduce the indoor carbon footprint, improve operational efficiency and enhance the working atmosphere.
About the retail project, Grande emphasize on the store environment planning. Our professional will maximize the limited space and increasing the flow of customers and the product placement in order to make our clients gain the business advantage.
When you own a retail store, your display windows are the first chance you have to make an impression on your customers. Grande provide customers with shiny pleasing window design. Our professionals take all your requirements and your product characteristics into account in order to highlight the products within the overall display. We ensure that your window display will definitely catch customers' attention and brings them all into the store.