Ways to lower the level of VOC
The materials used to make furniture and cabinets can contain a number of harmful chemicals that may release high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in your home. VOC is not good for families with pregnant women, children or patient. Therefore, open a window to air out harmful chemicals, even if it’s for a few minutes a day. Also, hiring cleaning company to clear harmful chemicals is the simplest things you can do to improve your home air quality immediately.
Ways to increase 200 sq ft in your flat
If you have a small space, such as a small bedroom or dining room, that feels really squashed. A mirror can open it up and create a sense of flow and enlarge area. Especially, when your unit has a great view, you can choose to install or use the full-size mirror wall and it can match up the scenery outside the flat. Also, changing the interval wall into an open kitchen area can increase the sense of interior space. Remember the less interior partition walls, the more visual space.
The problem of low ceiling
To solve the problem of low ceiling, the simplest way is to use light trough. Using light trough in the living room, the ceiling light will penetrate to the ceiling direction, which can make a better ceiling layering. Also, installing the light tube in the wardrobe top can make an illusion of a high ceiling.
Wall Sticker Design
It is very easy to create a lively atmosphere in the room if you use the wall stickers to decorate the walls. Generally speaking, you only need to search picture via Internet and send it to the printing company to produce the wall sticker. Also, you can paste it on your own walls or glass surfaces by yourself. There are now much more efficient, simpler and cleaner wall stickers but the general price is twice expensive than normal wall stickers.
How to put two children in the same room but not using bunk beds?
Bunk bed is neither beautiful (it blocks the window view), but also it may cause potential danger. The best alternative is using trundle bed. Only pulling the bed in the night will be able to make more space for kids in the daytime and reduce the risk of accidents
Love white in interior design but afraid of monotonous.
White color in the interior – it is always refined and elegant. To solve the problem of monotonous is actually very simple. If you choose to use all white furniture, you should use a different material finishes, such as white oil, white veneer or white cloth and other material finishes. You can use paint, wallpaper, cultural stone or mosaic to match up white walls. Even if the design is in write, we think it will not be monotonic.
Smart Home Technology
Nowadays, many telecommunications cooperation provide different type of smart home services. E.g. intelligent lighting control, curtains, air conditioning, home entertainment, home monitoring systems and many other household facilities. Even if you are not in the house, you can use your smart phone or tablet to control the home devices and facilities.
Changing the color of the floor but don’t want to spend money on removing the floor.
If the original floor is wood flooring and you just want to change the color, we suggest that you can use wood or wood fiber cover on the wooden floor directly, this method is cheap and save money to remove the original flooring. But if you want to use materials such as marble or tile, this method can not be applied.
Using the additional features of bathroom
If your flat do not have a balcony to dry clothes, you should install “Thermo Ventilator” on the bathroom ceiling. It not only instantly warm up the bathroom and dry clothes within a short period of time, but also it can maintains the circulation throughout the bathroom.
How to increase the storage space
If your flat is small but having a sufficient ceiling height, you should increase storage space in a vertical manner. By raising the platform height allows a significant increase of the storage space. Also, using the hydraulic bed or other furniture can store the stuff under a bed and increase the storage space significantly.
Common mistakes of choosing furniture
Most of the people buying furniture only measure the furniture size but they will not decide whether the furniture can be transported into the lift. Eventually, it will waste your money. When you purchasing the large pieces of furniture, you should first carefully measure the lift’s entrance height and width, and measure the width from the lifts exit to the turning position of your flat. Make sure there is enough space to store the furniture.
Make good use of the windowsill
The easiest way to use windowsill is placing a tailor-made cushions. Cushions not only can be used for decoration, but also it can allow more seats for your friends. Generally speaking, many curtain companies provide customized cushions. Another way is to build tailor-made furniture, such as using the windowsill as a workstation or bed. It not only increases the space, but it also avoids wasting the windowsill.