Classic Europe meets modern Hong Kong

As designers, we often find inspiration in unexpected places. When taking on a new project, we consider who our clients are, how they spend their time, what they do—even where they travel. 

When a globe-trotting couple with two children asked us to help them design their family’s new apartment, we brought their love of Europe home to Hong Kong. The professional couple travelled all over the world for work, and they had fallen in love with the architecture and atmosphere of European capitals like Paris and Rome. The challenge was in how to incorporate European style into a modern Hong Kong apartment. While the family loved Europe’s classic beauty, it was important to them that their home was also practical and relaxing. 

The 1,680-sq-ft apartment was dark and dated, with old furnishings and fixtures. And, like most apartments in Hong Kong, it lacked adequate storage space. The family asked that the new design incorporate more storage without adding unattractive bulk. 

We began by removing the original walls, which enabled us to make changes to the layout of the whole apartment. We used see-through partitions and glass to separate different areas, and in doing so we created a light and bright aesthetic.

As an unconventional focal point for the apartment and to provide adequate storage, we built full-height cabinets with a greyish–blue colour palette and European trims in the living room. 

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was the long, narrow dining area connected to the kitchen. We used a combination of built-in furniture and a custom-made glass partition to separate the different areas and to compensate for the limited space. 

Replacing the walls with full-height cabinets created the space needed for a large master suite. We relocated the master bedroom to another area of the apartment and added a walk-in closet and master bathroom. We balanced relaxation with practicality by creating windowsills for all three bedrooms.

After more than six months, the project was complete. The apartment had been transformed into an elegant and timeless home, its new look bringing together the best of classic and contemporary styles. We created a practical and comfortable space perfect for everyday living, while details such as the trims on the walls and furniture evoked classic European style, and grey and blue colours suffused the space with European romance and elegance. 

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