A Journey to a Light-European Style Home

Villas Sorrento is located in Pok Fu Lam, with a decent mountain and sea view surrounded. The duplex apartment of today’s topic is a spacious apartment with over 1,700 spare feet. A light-European style creates a quiet and comfy living space for the owner.

Before the purchase of the apartment, the owners have been fascinated by the overwhelming sea view and decided to move from the city centre to Villas Sorrento for a peaceful, pleasant and private living environment. 

To provide the owners with a relaxing space, our designer chose not to apply to many colours to the design and decide to go with a grey palette. With different textures of grey applied, for instant carpet, leather sofa and marble tiles, we can see multiple layers formed to reduce the dullness built up from the grey tone. 

Other than the grey palette, our designer has created a slight contrast with the gold pendant light above the dining table. Stepping into the apartment from the entrance, I am sure the hanging light will catch your eyeballs. As mentioned by the designer, the light not only serves as a focal point at the dining room, it also helps widen the horizon. 

Besides the pendant light, the blue marble TV wall is another outstanding feature you may notice. It is quite uncommon to have a marble wall other than black and white. The reason for having a blue tone wall is to answer the request from the owners to bring the profound scenery inside the apartment as well.

You may think that a large apartment is always easy to design. It is indeed a fan-shape structured apartment, which allows the owners to view as much seascape as possible. However, it turned out to brings a lot of beam-columns visible insight. Our designer had worked on thinking ways to avoid making the beams stuck out in the design, for example setting up a false ceiling. 

Going inside the media room, a darker tone has been applied instead of grey. The dark tone well constructs a cinematic environment for the owners to enjoy their exclusive movie time. 

One level up and entering the private spaces of the owners, we can see lots of European linings due to the preference of the female owner. Besides, regardless of the young age of the kid, our designer has connected the kid’s room with a bathroom suite as well as a dressing room. 

Be reminded, you need to be very careful when choosing materials for the kid’s room. Make sure to keep all elements non-toxic. Perhaps, organic and eco-friendly materials will be one of the best choices. 

To conclude, it is not always easy to design an enormous apartment, the designers always need to keep owners’ preference and all the flaws of the structure in mind during the design process.

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