5 tips to build a modern home

What is a “modern” interior design to you? Is it referring to the living style “at the moment” and evolving every single moment? 

Here comes a definition of modern design, “With roots in Scandinavian and German architecture and design, modern style concepts are decidedly fuss-free and simple. The furnishings and decor focus on the use of neutral materials and earthy colours while eliminating unnecessary detailing.”, according to Decor Aid.

We will share some characteristics and features of the modern style concept, which you may want to cover in your new home!

1. Stay simple and unadorned
Modern designs usually feature basic and elementary architectural designs to prevent a timeless elegance. Modern designs always value functionality over the richness of design features. 

2. Stress natural elements and an earthy-tone
In order to maintain a clinical and a smooth look, modern designs usually tend to include a mix of natural materials, such as wood, stone and leather and keep the design using a monochromatic tone.

3. Prefer clear lines
When comparing modern and contemporary designs, one of the main differences is that modern designs emphasize more clean horizontal and vertical lines, while contemporary designs favour curvy elements. 

4. Set unadorned windows to bring in natural lightings
With that being said, designers usually bring in natural elements to modern home designs. Speaking of lighting, sunlight would definitely be the best option. Thus, it is important to have a good number of windows to draw natural lighting into the apartment. 

5. Have an open space feel
To create a feeling of spaciousness, an open plan layout will help eliminate all clustered structure and stress a breezy and cosy living environment. Therefore, an open-planned kitchen is common for this concept.

After looking at some of the main features of modern home designs, are you ready to begin your modern home design journey with us? Let us know!

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